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Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!!

Welcome To My Nightmare!!....This Is Devilment - My Website, Do Not Worry It Is Nothing To Do With Satan Or Black Magic, It's Just My Little Piece Of Cyberspace.............Contact me at..devilment@btinternet.com.........The Menace!!...

Devil In Disguise!!Devil In Disguise!!


If You Believe In Light, It's Because Of Obscurity,
If You Believe In Joy, It's Because Of Sadness,

And If You Believe In God.....It's Because Of The Devil.


       County Durham       

Hi, you have stumbled across the lair of the Menace!! A site dedicated to my late parents, brother and Benji the most loyal little companion I had the privilege to know. All of whom I miss and will always remember until I join them in that great webspace in the sky!! I myself am disabled (severe Rheumatoid Arthritis / Osteoporosis / Bronchial Asthma / Bronchiectasis / Obstructive Sleep Apnia / Diverticular Disease) but I find my sense of humour helps me get through life, after all laughter is the best medicine of all and no side effects unless you split your sides laughing that is!! On this site you will find info on my favourite things in life, interests & hobbies, also info on my illnesses/ailments that may be of help to fellow sufferers. Things can only get better (not)........



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Warning!! These pages are graphical, in other words there are a quite few images so please be patient while they load, of course if you are using fast broadband or similar then you should have no problem. There is music on some of the pages but it only appears to work with Internet Explorer and not Firefox, Chrome etc. I will have to check this out also I have found that this site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 with IE4 - IE9 but I suppose it depends on what size screen you are using. The left sidebar lines up best with Firefox which I used when editing & viewing updates.

 Last Updated: 03rd April 2016